Friday, August 10, 2012

Mitchell, SD, to Buffalo, WY

Thursday, August 9, 2012 -
Left Mitchell around the usual time: 8:15 AM.  Breakfast at the Kelly was normal for free breakfast...but they did have bananas!  ;-)  I had thought about driving by Mitchell's claim to fame, the Corn Palace ("Only one in the world".  Go figure.), BUT...decided not to succumb to the billboard madness and instead headed straight for good ole I-90 W.  The GPS voice said, "Follow I-90 W for 481 miles...."  Whew!  Yesterday was our longest day traveling yet.  To make matters worse, we went over into Mtn. Time, so whereas we began the trip thinking, "Hey, we'll get there by 2:30!" we had to re-write our expectations when we realized there was a time change involved.

We stopped in Rapid City, SD, for lunch at Olive Garden then made our way on through Sturgis to Buffalo, WY, and the Z-Bar Motel.  Buffalo was great and the Z-Bar was great!

We were greeted at Z-Bar by Gusty Winds, the manager.  Oh, just kidding!  I saw that sign today in Montana and just thought it would be a great stage name for this guy.  His name is George and he was a cowboy/ranch hand on a property about 20 miles from Buffalo up until last year when he had "an accident" and a horse fell on top of him.  He broke all the ribs on his left side, dislocated his shoulder, and broke his collarbone.  Needless to say, he had to go to the hospital and stay there for months.  That hospital is within walking distance of the Z-Bar.  George would walk over to the motel and chat with the owner while he was staying at the hospital for rehab.  One day the owner asked him if he had done any carpentry in his ranch hand jobs.  Yes, he had.  When he got out of rehab he started working for the Z-Bar.  Eventually the owner asked him to be the manager.  George says he has a real deal going.  He gets an apartment with free utilities, salary as a his social security and veteran's benefits from service related health problems in Vietnam.  And no horses.

George is a case!  He came over and talked for a while that evening as we were sitting outside and enjoying the shade and breeze in 89 degree weather. Then he came over this morning and talked up a storm while I was attempting to blog (excuses, excuses).

The Z-Bar room was a good deal for the money.  Small....smaller than the Microtel room...but clean and adequate with wifi and cable TV.  A bench and chair were outside every little cabin and the parking space was right next door.  A grassed, shaded picnic area formed the center of the little compound.  Would we come back?  You betcha...George said to!

Bedroom area, bath to the right

Grassed picnic/play area at Z-Bar

One of the many gorgeous homes in Buffalo, WY

While Wayne was working yesterday afternoon I visited the local library.  I like to check out the local libraries and see if they have any t-shirts for my boys Alex and Ryan.  It was a beautiful facility and well used.
This morning we ate at the Main Street Diner for breakfast then headed out towards I-90.  Buffalo, WY, was a really neat little town.  Loved the cute houses with flower boxes, etc.  If you're ever out this way...check it out!

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  1. Loving every word! Keep writing. Virtual travel through the eyes of my sister.....what could be better? Dean