Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another word about Wisconsin

So...I neglected to mention in yesterday's post what a beautiful state Wisconsin is.  Two Rivers (http://www.two-rivers.org/index.shtml) was small, right on the water, and full of opportunities for outdoor activities.  The "two rivers?"  East Twin River and West Twin River, according to the Rand McNally website.  Who-da-thunk it?

The Wisconsin highways gave us views of houses and farms, neat as a pin.  Great oldies radio stations with few ads...and the ads that are there are for "vertical mixers."   Maybe the ideal setup would be a 6-month home in northern Wisconsin and a 6-month home in Florida.  ?

Tomah was a place to stop for us.  We really didn't get a view of it that would be fair for an evaluation...we were so late getting there.   It served our purpose.

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