Sunday, August 12, 2012

Buffalo, WY, to Bozeman, MT

Saturday, August 11, 2012 -

We stayed at a LaQuinta Thursday night in Bozeman.  We got there around 3 PM and Wayne caught up on the day's business activities while I worked some on the blog.

When supper time came we found the local food co-op and their hot food bar.  We feasted on roasted coho salmon, wilted local greens, chipotle potato salad, orange and raisin quinoa...and topped in off with chocolate covered candied ginger.  It was delicious!

Friday morning we left Bozeman and started our trip to Kalispell, MT, right next to the Glacier National Park.  We finally got off of I-90!!  We did 1355 miles on I-90 for a total drive time of 21+ hrs.

One of the prettiest parts of the drive Friday was the mountain area east of Butte on I-90.  I was driving (80mph) and Wayne tried valiantly to get some pictures.  You don't want to pull over on the shoulder to get a pic when the traffic is buzzing by at that we didn't get a clear picture.  

I searched online for a description and image of the rocks and came up with a website that describes the area I'm talking about.

And...on a blog ( I found this picture:

These rocks are amazing.  They look like something that's been dribbled down the side of a Mateus wine bottle.  To read about how this type of rock is formed (fair warning to the viewers out there, batholiths are involved...) check out the article sited above.  

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