Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ride down US 101 and Seaside, OR

Tuesday, August 21 -

Left Seattle yesterday morning with our triple shot Latte and Americano in hand...and an old fashion donut to munch.  (Not Top Pot, but still good.  We did have Top Pot donuts here and they were tasty!)  It was a great visit and we'd definitely come back for more.

We took I-5 down to Olympia, then got off on smaller roads to head over towards our preferred "ride"...US 101.  We immediately felt better!  Trees all around...occasional little towns to provide visual entertainment.

Shortly after we started out we decided to call the Knoxville Budget Rental office about our car's mileage.  So far we've put over 4,000 miles on the Chevy Impala.  When I picked it up, I talked with them about the trip and was thinking it would be "about 2,500 miles each way, 5,000 round trip."  They gave us the car that had 6,000 to go before it needed an oil change.  We're going to need an oil change before we get back to Knoxville.  I was thinking maybe we'd just swap this car for another at a Budget office.  No...the guy said just "Go ahead and get the oil changed when you get to 12,000 miles on the car.  Nothing pricey, something around $20, and keep the receipt."  All righty then!

For lunch we stopped in Montesano, WA, and lucked on the Savory Faire restaurant/cafe/caterers.  Now, it's not a place to drop in if you're in a hurry.  I'd say we spent a good 1.5 hours there.  But...the food was good and uniquely prepared.  They make their own breads (and desserts, though we didn't indulge).  Wayne had a reuben that came prepared on orange rye bread...and I had a spinach salad with egg, bacon, cauliflower, cashews, and a sweet celery seed dressing (with fresh wheat roll and butter).  I'd recommend it if you're in the area.

Driving down US 101 we'd catch glimpses of water...sometimes a bay or river...and, finally, the Columbia River at the Pacific Ocean.  We made sure to take all the "alternate" routes that took us closer to the coast.  We crossed the Astoria-Megler Bridge that took us from Washington to Oregon, and went on down to Seaside, OR, our home for four nights.

We're staying at the Tradewinds Condos/Motel.  To look at the outside, it's not much.  But inside the studio condo, ocean view, we have a really nicely done room and bath.  It has a kitchenette with surface cooktop (2 eyes), microwave, little refrigerator, sink, and enough dishes and cookware to be able to actually cook something that's not from a freezer!  With that in mind, we got pork chops to fry and corn on the cob, slaw, tomatoes, and cooked beets for supper.  Can you tell we've been dying for some "normal" food?

Back to the Tradewinds condo...We face the ocean and have a nice big window that opens up for the breeze.  No air conditioning here, just as with the last place in Seattle, but a corner electric fireplace and a couple of other wall heaters for what must be the typical weather here.  Yesterday was one of those "hottest days of the year" around here, so we opened the window and the door to get a good cool breeze going.  This morning we're sipping coffee and looking out at the ocean with the window mostly closed because it gets down into the 50's at night.  Very pleasant.

Dining Room




Dog Area
View out our window.  That's a promenade walkway in front.  Today's supposed to be 65 degrees and no rain....

This is the first time we've stayed in a place that has a Tsunami Evacuation Route.  We even have instructions posted inside our room for how to get out of here in case of tsunami:

Can you make out all the arrows on that map???  If you thought those hotel emergency exit drawings were complicated, you'll die in the next tsunami to hit here.

BTW, these are my photos of our cottage in Seattle...just in case VRBO listing disappears someday, this is my record:

Kitchenette/Living area

Murphy bed on right, dining/work area by windows...and doors to the patio area

To patio

Cozy patio

From patio.  Host house is beyond the yard to our right.
Cute place!

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