Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last day in Seattle

After reading some more about the neighborhoods in Seattle we decided to go to two that are close together, Fremont and Ballard, in northwest Seattle.  For this trip we took the car instead of a bus.

Ballard was of interest because of the boating heritage there...and, from Wikipedia [subdued cringe]:

Historically Ballard is the traditional center of Seattle's ethnically Scandinavian seafaring community, who were drawn to the area because of the salmon fishing opportunities.[22] In recent years the decline of the fishing industry, and the addition of numerous condo buildings, has decreased the proportion of Scandinavian residents but the neighborhood is still proud of its heritage. Ballard is home to the Nordic Heritage Museum, which celebrates both the community of Ballard and the local Scandinavian history. Scandinavians unite in organizations such as the Sons of Norway Leif Ericson Lodge and the Norwegian Ladies Chorus of Seattle. Each year the community celebrates the Ballard SeafoodFest and Norwegian Constitution Day (also called Syttende Mai) on May 17 to commemorate the signing of the Norwegian Constitution.[23]
Locals once nicknamed the neighborhood "Snoose Junction," a reference to the Scandinavian settlers' practice of using snus.[24]   For the full article on Wikipedia, click here.
We passed the marina and the waterfront area. Ballard looked pretty quiet as we drove we continued on to Fremont.

Fremont, self proclaimed Center of the Universe, was another story.  There's a market on Sundays and we hit it just right.  We parked south of the Fremont Bridge and walked across to the blocks that were sectioned off for the pedestrian market.  It was less of a farmers' market and more of a craft fair...with an "indoor" section that had flea market undertones.  It was fun strolling the aisle and checking out all the jewelry stalls!  (Wayne already has way too much jewelry, so he was along for the ride.)  I bought a pair of origami earrings...thinking I'd save them for dry, non-rainy days.    As I was paying for them the artist said they were varnished and very durable.  I'll see!  

Pictures from Fremont:

The Epicenter Building is the purple structure with 21 welded and polished curlicues of steel decorating the front.  The market was located down that street to the left.

Great place for people watching.  Needless to say, Wayne and I were turning heads....;-)

Young street musicians being coached.  I'm guessing home schooled.  
On the way back from our afternoon outing we stopped at the scenic view turn-out on Admiral Way and took a parting photo of Seattle from West Seattle vantage.

Tomorrow we head for Oregon Coast.  We're expecting it to be cooler there, and blustery.  We felt like we were there already this morning when we woke up.  Wayne had to climb up and close one of the upper windows....


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