Monday, August 27, 2012

Seaside, OR

We had a great time in Seaside.  We walked around the area on our first full day there and met some people "crabbing" off the 12th Street Bridge over the Necancium River that runs through the town.  It's a well-known site for catching Dungeness crabs in this area of the country, as described here.

There’s no need to get cold, wet and tossed about on a boat to get your Dungeness Crab.  Join the crowd on Seaside’s 12th Avenue Bridge over the Necanicum River.  The newly improved bridge features extra wide sidewalks where you can pull up a lawn chair and cooler, dip your crab pots into the river, and wait for the catch of the day!  Parking is just across the street at Goodman Park, where the kids can entertain themselves on the playground!....

The legal size for Dungeness Crab is 5.75”, measured across the widest part of the shell (in front of the spikes). You are only allowed to keep males measuring over 5.75”. Fines are imposed for anyone taking undersized males or any females. You are also limited to 3 traps per person, and limited to taking 12 males per person per day.


I would have loved to get a picture of the people we talked to...but, instead, shot one of the river from the other side of the bridge.

I took a walk on the beach and came back with these items:  A feather (many more on the beach), a burnt pine cone (beach bonfires are common here), a fossilized shell, and what looks like a piece of a paperback book....  The beach is dark colored sand and not much to "collect" other than feathers.

The end of the beach at Seaside and best area for surfing.  We saw one surfer on the last day there...and he was disappointed with the surf.  But...Seaside is known as a good surfing spot.

The Promenade in Seaside (to the left) where people walk and bike all day and up into the night.  Pacific is on the right.
View from the Promenade towards the ocean.
Path from Promenade to the beach

Walking along the promenade we came on these bouquets for sale.

Big doings going on in Seaside at the end of the week: Hood to Coast 

But what I loved most is looking at the really neat houses in Seaside:

Fence detail

Seaside Pier area

Our favorite place to eat was Bell Buoy's restaurant.  Bell Bouy's has a store front, too, where they sell canned tuna and Dungeness crab.  We had a couple of meals there...the best being the daily special of fried tuna and chips.  Very tasty.   (Just like chicken!)  Talked with the cook who said, "We don't make a lot of money doing this...but we eat really well!"

One day we drove back up to Astoria on the Columbia River.  On the way back we stopped for lunch in Gearhart, right north of Seaside, at the Gearhart Cafe.  The only thing that disappointed us about the meal was that they didn't have the home made blackberry fried pies that day!

We left Seaside on Friday, August 24.

The weather was perfect while we were in Seaside...and we liked the feel of the place so much we could see coming back here for a month in the summer.  

That was what we thought until we saw Cannon Beach about 10 miles south of Seaside...a lovely town with a resort feel.  I think there might be several places here we'd be very pleased to visit again....

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